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Iyi günler (good day) friends of mountain sports and culture


We, Rohat, Azat and Firat Ceven, three Kurdish brothers from Eastern Anatolia, grew up at the foot of Mount Ararat, trained as state-certified mountain guides, with many years of experience of mountaineering in Turkey and the surrounding countries, founded their own trekking agency in 2011.


We offer mountain tours, ski tours, trekking tours, hiking and cultural trips.


Ecologically compatible tours, i.

we do not use plastic dishes in our catering and do not throw our rubbish into the landscape

once a year voluntary campaign "TAFTravel goes green"; we walk the paths and collect the garbage left behind by other groups/people and dispose of it in the city


Economically viable tours, i.e.

we only use local staff who know the region like the back of their hand

we mainly use local products

we only use local services (transfers / guides)

Respect for people & society & culture, i.e.

we integrate the local people into our tours

we are open to other cultures and treat everyone with respect, regardless of age, culture or religion.

Ararat Besteigung / Trekking
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