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Nemrut - Süphan & ARARAT Climbing - 11 DAYS

Climb Nemrut Crater (2935 m), Mount Süphan (4058 m) and Mount Ararat (5137 m)

  • Climbing Nemrut Dagi and Süphan Dagi volcanoes

  • Three-day summit ascent of Ararat

  • Boat trip on the Van Gölü to the island of Akdamar

  • Visit to the Ishak Pasha palace complex and the beaching place of Noah's Ark

He's already waiting for you on the horizon. It rises like a lonely giant with its white snow crown and presents itself to you as a haven of many expectations. Ararat, the legendary mountain on which Noah's ark is said to have stranded. And you will conquer it on your Ararat summit tour. It will climb 5,165 meters in three daily stages before you are rewarded with a phenomenal view over three countries. The tour is technically easy to manage. Any experienced, sure-footed hiker who is in good physical condition can conquer Mount Ararat - although you will need crampons in the end.

This Ararat summit climb is designed to skillfully acclimate you to the large differences in altitude. The actual ascent is presented with two more mountains, the Nemrut Daği and the Süphan Daği. This trip offers you the absolute insight into the Turkish nature. But not only that: culinary and cultural aspects are also ensured that this adventure trip will leave a lasting impression on you.


Level 3: Moderate
These are trekking trips with hikes in easy terrain with occasionally more demanding sections of the path. On the daily stages, a maximum of 1,200 meters in altitude is covered in up to 6 hours. A good physical condition is required.


Group size: 4-12 people

Travel time: 11 days

Overnight stay in tents: 5 nights

Hotel accommodation: 5 nights

Your travel specialist:



Tel: +90 543 858 5413

You can communicate with WhatsApp 7/24

Mountain Guide and CEO Firat
  1. Further dates on request, we will carry out your tour at your request at any time

  2. Our tours take place from two people


  • State-certified mountain guide (according to Turkish law, this is necessary in the Ararat National Park)

  • German or English speaking mountain guide

  • Climbing permit for the ascent of Mt. Ararat

  • Climbing permit for the ascent of Mt. Süphan

  • Entrance fee to the Ararat National Park

  • all transfers according to the program

  • Transport of the main luggage by horses on Mount Ararat

  • Support team

  • Full board and picnic equipment on the mountain

  • Local cook

  • Hotel accommodation in double rooms; Single room at extra charge

  • Two-man tents; Single tents for an extra charge

  • Sleeping mats (5-7cm)

  • Excursions according to the program

  • Entrance fees

  • Crampons (if you haven't got your own)


  • all flights on request

  • meals not mentioned

  • Alcoholic drinks & Soft drinks

  • individual excursions and visits outside the program

  • Early descent from the mountain (extra day) fee: 45 EUR per person

  • Personal expenses

  • Tips

  • Single room / tent surcharge: 15 euros / day


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Tour Programm

1. Day  

Welcome to Turkey! Today your 11-day Ararat Summit Tour begins. But you don't want to know anything about mountaineering today. After a strenuous journey that takes you from your country  to the eastern Turkish city of Van, you will end the evening with a cozy dinner with all kinds of Turkish specialties. The joint welcome meal is an ideal first encounter with the other tour participants. In a comfortable atmosphere you have the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange initial expectations of the Ararat summit tour.(-/-/A) 

2. Day 

After breakfast you leave Van. But don't worry: at the end of your trip you will have one more opportunity to visit this beautiful Turkish city. But today you are offered the beauty of nature. The bizarre panorama of the Bitlis massif rises on the horizon. With its mountains and volcanoes, a wonderful natural spectacle accompanies your crossing to the island of Akdamar. Akdamar is located in the middle of Van Gölü, which is Turkey's largest lake at over 3,500 square kilometers. You cross over with a boat. The Armenian Church of the Holy Cross awaits you on Akdamar, the last relic of a 10th-century monastery. An exciting morning in the context of nature and culture.

Back on the mainland we will take you to Nemrut Daği. The 2,948 meter high volcano will be the goal of today. Just driving there is an experience in itself. It leads along the banks of the Van Gölü and offers the endless expanse of water on one side and the imposing mountain panorama on the other. In the middle of the huge crater you set up your first camp. A small lake in front of your campsite is fed by refreshing thermal springs. Take a relaxing bath before bed. (F/L/A) 

3. Day 

Climbing Nemrut Daği 2,150m is a first acclimatization tour of your Ararat climb. The Nemrut Daği is located next to the Ararat in the southeast of Turkey, not far from the Euphrates in Mesopotamia. It is a major mountain in the Taurus Mountains, about 90 km from Adiyaman. We start early to climb the crater rim of the extinct volcano. The three-hour tour takes you to the highest point of the volcano and lets you only imagine the violence with which this mountain must have raged in the past. After all, an eruption of the Nemrut Daği several thousand years ago caused the Van Gölü to be dammed. The lake that you can now see in all its glory. After a suitable rest period, the descent is via an alternative route. Here you will see the huge Islamic cemetery with a stop in the small town of Ahlat. The tombs with the mihrab gravestones from the 12th century are particularly impressive.

In the afternoon we continue to Süphan Daği. The 4,058 meter high stratovolcano is located directly at the northern tip of Van Gölü. You set up your camp at a good 2,600 meters altitude. Take advantage of the offer of the optional afternoon acclimatization tour. In 3 hours it goes up to 3,000 meters. Successful acclimatization is the be-all and end-all in the mountains of Mount Ararat. (F/L/A) 

4. Day 

Your day starts today when other people turn their heads for the first time. At 4 o'clock in the morning you will leave the camp and start your ascent to the summit of Süphan Daği. Headlamps light your way through the darkness along this extended tour that will take you over 1,400 meters. In the last third of this ascent it is already daylight, but the level of difficulty increases. You will have to negotiate boulders and smaller rocks. Depending on the season, extensive areas of snow await you in the summit area. But don't worry: climbing skills are not required to experience a phenomenal view at over 4,000 meters in the end.

The descent follows the same route as up. After a long rest, you will break down the tents in the camp, because now you are ready for your Ararat summit tour. The Ararat is her constant companion on the journey there. You can see the mountain giants getting bigger and bigger by the hour and standing out more and more clearly from the panorama of the other mountains. Curb your anticipation by distracting yourself with a stop at the rushing Muradiye Waterfall.

  • Walking time: 9-11 hours. (F/L/A) 

5. Day 

Today you finally start, your Ararat summit tour! After your last night in a comfortable hotel bed, drive to the charming little village of Eli. This hour and a half drive alone is of sublime glory with your Ararat panorama. Located at 2,200 meters above sea level, Eli is right at the foot of the mountain giant. Now there is no turning back, you will climb Mount Ararat. The goal of the day is Camp 1 (approx. 3,300 m), also called "Camp Green". A good four hours of ascent lie ahead of you. Constantly accompanying you on your hike is a horde of mules who will shoulder the load of your luggage. So you can fully concentrate on the trail, because apart from a light daypack you won't have to carry anything.

In the afternoon we offer you the possibility of a small acclimatization tour. This will take you to a good 3,600 meters and is ideal for preventing altitude sickness.

  • Walking time: 4 hours. (F/L/A) 

6. Day 

You continue on your Ararat summit tour. Today you change from Camp 1 to Camp 2 at 4,170 meters. The hike is not technically demanding, but visually outstanding. Follow wide serpentines that lead steadily uphill and let yourself be inspired by the fantastic views of the beautiful landscape and enjoy this unusual but enchanting tranquility. Only a mountain tour can do something like that!

Use the free afternoon to prepare yourself and your equipment for the upcoming summit day or stroll through the beautiful nature around your tent camp. But above all, go to bed early because it will be a short night.

  • Walking time: 5 hours. (F/L/A) 

7. Day 

If you thought a few days ago that the climb to Süphan Daği was early, today you will be proved wrong. At 2:30 a.m. the alarm clock rings to prepare for the summit. A long journey lies ahead of you. You are on the road for a good five to six hours before your Ararat summit tour finally finds its furious finale. The climb to 5,165 meters of Mount Ararat is moderately steep. Nevertheless, you will have to cover the last 200 meters with crampons and ski poles, because this is where the glacier begins. But these are also efforts that do not require any prior knowledge. At the end you will stand on the small dome of Mount Ararat and it will take your breath away. The view of the lowlands of Turkey is phenomenal. You can even see far into Armenia and Iraq. Congratulations! You did it!

Since it is impossible to stay overnight at the top of Mount Ararat, it is with a heavy heart that you must part and begin your descent back to Camp Green.

  • Walking time: 11 hours. (F/L/A) 

8. Day 

Finally showering again! After your descent, we transfer you from Eli to your comfortable hotel room in Dogubeyazit. Take a nap or relax so that you are fit enough to visit the imposing Ishak Pasha Palace in the afternoon. The ruins of this magnificent palace will give you an impressive insight into the cultural history of the area and round off your trip to this region of Turkey perfectly. As the icing on the cake, in addition to nature and culture, you will also be presented with the culinary delights of the region, because a Kurdish family will invite you to a traditional meal for dinner.

  • Walking time: 2-3 hours. (F/L/A) 

9. Day 

According to legend, Mount Ararat was the biblical mountain on which Noah's Ark ran aground during the Flood. It will probably never be fully clear whether this really corresponds to the facts. But get an impression of it yourself, because very close to Dogubeyazit is this legendary place.

The afternoon also remains biblical, because we take you to the headwaters of the Euphrates. The hot sulfur springs here are said to have healing effects. After all the fulfilling exertions of the last few days and all the meters of altitude that you have covered on your Ararat summit tour, you more than deserve a relaxing bath in a sulfur spring. (F/L/A) 

10. Day 

As promised at the beginning of your trip, today you have the opportunity to experience Van. The return trip to the big city via the Tendürek Gecidi Pass is the last impressive nature experience of your trip. But Van also has some nice places to offer. Embark on a tour of discovery in the beautiful city and immerse yourself in the lively life of the Turks. Our insider tip: book a soothing massage in a classic Turkish hammam. This is the ideal opportunity to review your trip.

In the evening, get a little nostalgic at the traditional farewell dinner for your travel group with your mountain guides. (F/L/A) 

11. Day 

Today your Ararat peak tour ends in Van. Board the plane and fly safely back to your country. (F/-/-) 


F "" Breakfast M "" Lunch L "" Packed Lunch A "" Dinner 

Program changes: Despite careful preparation, program changes are to be expected on this trip due to unforeseeable events. These may be due to weather conditions or short-term changes due to legal regulations, political decisions or health problems of participants, etc. In any case, we will try to carry out the travel program within reasonable limits or, if not possible, to organize an equivalent alternative program.

The tour guide has sole authority to change the program!

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