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Ararat Ski Tours 2024
Price from 650 EUR

Ski Touring Adventure: Mt. Ararat, Mt. Süphan, and Mt. Artos

For several years, Mount Ararat has been climbed more and more often in spring. The completely tree-free and extremely spacious terrain with its ideal slopes is ideal for ski tours. Due to the completely different snow situation and the resulting supply situation by the pack animals, the base camp will usually be a little lower at around 2800 meters during ski touring. Pack animals are no longer available from the base camp for setting up the high camp, so that the local porters and the tourers have to take on this task themselves. The place for the high camp in spring is usually a few hundred meters lower in an avalanche-safe place.
We offer you not one, not two, but a total of three mountain giants on this outstanding skiing experience. In addition to a ski tour on Ararat (5,165 m), Turkey's highest mountain, Mt. Artos (3,537 m) and Mt. Süphan (4,058 m) are on the program. You will first climb all three mountains under professional guidance and then race down on your skis as the icing on the cake. You will experience some of the greatest descents that the country has to offer.
From the high camp you climb at first light with crampons over moderately steep to steep ski slopes until you can cross at an altitude of about 4300 meters to the mentioned rock ridge. From here the further ascent takes place over the spur. Depending on the circumstances, you will have to make a decision here as to whether to leave your touring skis on the ground or carry them on your backpack until you reach the beginning of the flat glacier under the summit. Crampons may be necessary for this section. Either way - around 1700 downhill meters in altitude definitely add up. If the weather is favourable, and with the summit success of a five-thousander in your luggage, long-standing mountain dreams may come true for some.
The ski ascents of these mountains are a wonderful challenge for all ski and trekking enthusiasts. However, ascents to these enormous heights and descents in deep snow on terrain that is up to 40° steep require excellent physical condition and perfect skiing technique. If you feel prepared for this unique adventure, nothing stands in the way of one of the most beautiful ski tours of your life.

Ararat Ski Tour 2024 Price per Person from 650 EUR



The ascent of the snow-covered Ararat over the spring-like plains of Eastern Anatolia is perfectly possible with skis. You fly individually (via Istanbul) to Van in East Antolia on the lake of the same name. After visiting the 3000-year-old castle complex of Van, you undertake a walking tour to the 4085 meter high Süphan, the third highest mountain in Turkey. Very impressive and ideal for height adjustment. The view of Lake Van, which lies directly in the south, is unique. Then you drive to Dogubayazit, the Kurdish town at the foot of the mighty Ararat, 5137 m. You approach the “Büyük Agri Dagi” with your local mountain guide via the base camp, which, depending on the snow line, is at a height of 3000 m. If everything fits, you can ski down from the summit directly to the flower meadows at the foot of the Ararat - gigantic. If you still have some time, we recommend an individual extension in Istanbul.


7 Days

Ideal for Budget-Conscious and Short Adventure Seekers

Difficulty: 3/5




Climb the "Holy Mountain" on skis, marvel at the barren and rugged beauty of Lake Van, acclimatise yourself to two great ski mountains, take your time to climb the high summit destination. Enjoy Kurdish hospitality, gain insights into the culture of Eastern Anatolia, fly home with a fantastic ski touring week in your memory With its smooth, not too steep flanks, the Ararat is an ideal ski mountain and a large and “exotic” destination which, apart from being in excellent physical condition, does not require any above-average skill on skis. Nevertheless, climbing a five-thousand-meter peak is a demanding undertaking, if only because of the altitude. The journey begins with two long tours on perfect ski mountains high above Lake Van, which at the same time bring acclimatization for the Ararat: Mt. Artos (3570 m) and Mt. Süphan (4058 m). When climbing the Ararat, there are four days available for the 3,000 meters in altitude to the summit - including 2,500 meters of ski ascent / descent - including time reserves. Depending on the snow conditions and the use of horses, the tent camp is reached (between 3000 m and 3700 m altitude). The ascent to the summit is technically easy and almost entirely manageable on skis, but due to the altitude it is exhausting. When the weather is nice, there is a wide view of Anatolia, Iran and Armenia from the summit. And then (hopefully) ... a roaring "Firn run"!


9 Days

Ideal for Budget-Conscious and Short Adventure Seekers

Difficulty: 3/5


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