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Packing and Equipment List

What a hiker needs to pack for our tours

Please remember that all our tours go up into very high mountains and pack your equipment and clothes accordingly. The temperatures above 5000 m can drop down quickly to -10 degrees. The second camp on Mt. Ararat is already in an ice zone.

  1. Bag for your main luggage e.g. a touring back pack and a smaller day back pack ca.40l

  2. Sleeping bag (min. - 5 degrees)

  3. Bivouac sack (bivy bag) not essential in sommer

  4. Thermo mat (we now supply a 5cm foam mat, very comfortable!)

  5. Hiking boots (suitable for crampons)

  6. Thermos (at least 1)

  7. Crampons (can be borrowed for € 20.- but please notify us in advance)

  8. Sandals/trainers/sport shoes

  9. Gaiters

  10. Hiking sticks (important)

  11. Waterproof clothes - jacket & overtrousers

  12. Bathing suit

  13. Sun hat

  14. good sunglasses or glacier glasses (UV protection)

  15. Warm hat (fleece/wool), gloves (plus spares)

  16. Headlamp with spare batteries

  17. Passport or identity card

Ararat Climbing Equipment

What you have to need to pack for our ski tours

Ski Touring Equipment

  1. Touring skis with checked adhesion

  2. Telescopic poles

  3. Crampons

  4. Bivouac sack

  5. Ski goggles

  6. Velcro ski straps

  7. Ski wax

  8. Optional (ski touring) helmet

Alpine Technical Equipment

  1. Crampons with lever binding and anti-balling plates

General Equipment

  1. Sleeping bag with comfort range of -15°C to -20°C

  2. Duffel bag or backpack for transporting personal gear (carriers)

  3. Ski bag for transporting ski equipment on airplanes

  4. Small travel bag/backpack for storing unnecessary gear in Dogubeyazit

  5. Ski touring boots

  6. Trekking shoes

  7. Casual shoes

  8. Warm clothing (e.g., fleece jacket or pullover)

  9. Down jacket

  10. Functional ski and mountain clothing (including long pants)

  11. Thermal underwear

  12. Hat, balaclava

  13. Neck or tube scarf ("Buff") as protection against dust and cold air

  14. Warm mittens, spare mittens, fingerless gloves

  15. Warm ski socks

  16. Extra clothing as needed

Other Items

  1. Sunscreen (e.g., SPF +50), lip protection (high UV factor)

  2. Sunglasses (glacier suitable), nose guard for glasses

  3. Headlamp

  4. Pocket knife (please not in carry-on luggage!)

  5. Camera

  6. Memory cards for the camera, spare batteries, extra rechargeable batteries

  7. Charger (many lodges offer charging for a small fee)

  8. Possibly altimeter, compass, e.g., CASIO ProTrek PRW-2500 (solar-powered, world time, etc.)

  9. 1-2 water bottles (each volume 1 liter), possibly a thermos

  10. Granola bars, nuts, or similar as energy snacks


  1. Rain and wind-resistant jacket with hood

  2. Ski touring pants (wind and water-resistant)

  3. Ski overpants

Ski Gear
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