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Ararat & Damavand Climbing Permit

Ararat Climbing Permit

For trekking and skiing on Mount Ararat special climbing permission from Turkish government is required.

You can apply for this permission by the Turkish Embassy in your country. Procedure takes usually 1-2 months.

The other, much faster and the easiest way to receive permission to climb Ararat, is to processed through tourism agency, which will organize your trekking or ski tour on Mount Ararat.

We also help to obtain Ararat climbing permits for all our clients.

To get Ararat climbing permit for you we will need following information:

  1. Your name and surname,

  2. Date and place of your birth,

  3. Your nationality,

  4. Scanned copy of your passport (page with photo and number of the passport),

  5. Planned date of your Ararat trekking or Ararat ski tour (the permit is valid only for the period of time which is indicated in the document).


From 2015 permission to climb Ararat is issued by local authorities in Dogubayazit, which significantly speeds up procedure, as it is no longer required to send documents to Ankara.
Currently procedure takes about 1-2 week, so you should send us required documents minimum 2 weeks before your arrival.

The cost of Ararat climbing permit is 50 USD per person.

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