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Trekking & Hiking Tours in Turkey 2023 Price from 720 EUR

Great hiking and trekking tours in Turkey. Cappadocia, Lycian Way and more.



Turkey is becoming increasingly popular with avid hikers, although hiking tourism is actually still in its infancy there. Hiking on the Paulusweg in 2004 gave vacationers a great opportunity to discover the multifaceted natural areas of the interesting travel destination on a beautiful route. The Paulusweg leads on around 500 kilometers of varied hiking trails through grandiose landscapes and places worth seeing.

The long-distance hiking trail runs over the impressive Taurus Mountains from Perge near Antalya to Antiochia Pisidae and follows in the footsteps of the apostle Paul, who walked this path as part of his first missionary journey through Turkey in 47 AD. should have gone. Hiking on the Paulusweg opens up diverse nature with impressive mountain ranges, green high alpine pastures, rustic mountain villages and many other highlights.

Hiking on the Paulusweg is a good alternative to the often completely overcrowded Way of St. James and takes vacationers on narrow, winding paths to spectacular natural monuments, such as the breathtaking caravan gorge of the Yazili Canyon National Park. Nature lovers are quickly fascinated by the diverse flora, which is characterized by fairytale blooms and extensive forests. Hiking stages through areas of the Anatolian plateau over the Taurus Mountains to the fertile coast offer unique views and photo opportunities.


Price from: 590,-EUR

Group size: 4-15

Travel time: 8 DAYS

Degree of difficulty: 2/5



Cappadocia is fantastically beautiful, the unique erosion landscape in the heart of Anatolia, which stretches between the almost 4000 m high extinct volcanoes Hasan and Erciyes and the Aladag massif of the eastern Taurus Mountains. Rain and wind have created bizarre rock formations out of volcanic tuff. Caves carved into the soft stone, frescoed rock-hewn churches and a multitude of underground cities bear witness to the eventful history of the region.


Price from: 890,-$

Group size: 1-20

Travel time: 8 DAYS

Degree of difficulty: 1/5



Lycia is the historical name of the Tekke Peninsula, which juts into the Mediterranean on Turkey’s southern coast. The mountains rise steeply from the rocky coast, giving beautiful views and varied walking. Forestry predominates; pines are mixed with strawberry trees and carob, and give way to juniper and cedar at higher elevations. Along with coastal tourism, high-intensity agriculture is crowded onto the deltas.
The Lycians were a democratic but independent, warlike people, with a developed art style and a high standard of living. Their strategic position gave them unique opportunities for sea-trade and (at times) for piracy. After Persian rule, the Lycians welcomed Alexander the Great and absorbed Greek culture. Later, Lycia became a province of the Roman Empire. The Romans developed many cities and ports, linking them with paved roads and equipping them with theatres, baths, forums, temples and ceremonial gates. From the 4th Century, Christianity took hold and, as the Roman empire crumbled, many Byzantine monasteries were founded in the Lycian hills. Lycian graves and ruins abound on the peninsula and the Lycian Way passes about 25 remote historical sites.


Price from: 680,-EUR

Group size: 1-20

Travel time: 12 DAYS

Degree of difficulty: 1/5



The Kaçkar Mountains ( Turkish: Kaçkar Dağları) , formerly known as the Lazistan Mountains, are a mountain range that rises above the Black Sea coast in northeastern Turkey.

With the highest peak, Kaçkar Dağı, at an elevation of 3,937 metres, and mountain plateaus at about 3,000 m. in elevation, the range is the highest part of the Pontic Mountains. The Kackars are glaciated mountains that are alpine in character, with steep rocky peaks and numerous mountain lakes. The area was declared a national park in 1994. Recreational activities in the park include hikingcampingmountaineering, and, increasingly, heliskiing.


Price from: 520,-$

Group size: 1-18

Travel time: 11 DAYS

Degree of difficulty: 2/5



The Pontic Mountains extend parallel to the Turkish Black Sea coast. The eastern part of the mountain range, the wild Kackar massif with glaciers and numerous lakes, is particularly beautiful. Up to an altitude of 1,800 m, the mountains are covered by dense deciduous and coniferous forests; the Nordmann fir, which is popular as a Christmas tree, comes from here. White flowering rhododendrons shine on other areas. The high alpine pastures are rich in flowers, yellow crocuses grow on the alpine meadows and the beautiful, also yellow-blooming Pontic Turkic League. A modest alpine farm with sheep and cattle as well as beekeeping is operated here. Bears and wolves live in the forest areas, while Caucasian chamois, Caspian king chicken, black grouse and bearded vulture live in the high alpine pastures. For some years now, this magnificent mountain world has been gaining more and more importance in international mountain tourism in summer. The destination of our trekking tour is the almost 4000 m high summit of Kackar, one of the highest mountains in Turkey, and the highest mountain in the Black Sea region.


Price from: 690,-$

Group size: 1-15

Travel time: 14 DAYS

Degree of difficulty: 2/5

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