Ararat Climbing / Besteigung

Climbing to the dormant volcano - Mount Ararat

*climbing individually or in small groups

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Ararat Climbing / Besteigung


6 Days Ararat Climbing
Mount Ararat is an old snow-covered volcanic that with its 5,137 meters represents the maximum height of Turkey,  For the Christian religion, Mount Ararat is the place where the “Noah’s Ark” was deposited, Discover Mount Ararat with TAF Travel Agency with professional local Guide, speaking English German Kurdish Turkish if you want climbing mount Ararat or visiting the Area or historic places  we will organize it for you with pleassure get contact us for Mountain Ararat Trekking, expedition, tours and also for the price

The Program can be change according to your reguest.


Price: 490,-
Group Size: 2-12
Time: 6 DAYS
Difficulty: 3/5

Ararat Besteigung 7 Tage


7 Days Ararat Climbing
7-day trip to Mount Ararat in the Eastern Anatolian plateau: Ascent of Ararat (5,137 m), the highest mountain in Turkey, technically rather easier, on the currently only approved route over two camps.

The hospitality of a Kurdish nomad family will always be characterized by unforgettable moments during a cozy dinner.

Visit to the Ìshak Paşa Palace, built high above a wide plain near Doğubayazıt (Old Bayazit) in the 17th century, customs station on the Silk Road, where caravan traffic passed by for decades


Price: 550 EUR
Group Size: 2-12
Time: 7 DAYS
Difficulty: 3/5
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with Süphan

10 Days Ararat Climbing with Mt. Süphan
10 days travel to the mountains Süphan (4058m) and Ararat (5137m) on the high plateau of East Anatolia.

Sightseeing of the monastery church on the island of Akdamar at lake Van, which was built in the 10th century. There are many myths and legends not only about Mount Ararat, but also about this Church of the holy cross.

Ascent of the mountain Süphan (4058m)

Ascent of Ararat, (5.165 m), the highest mountain in Turkey. The ascent, graded technically as fairly easy for a 5000m high mountain, will take place, along the only permitted route including two camps.


Price: 650 EUR
Group Size: 2-12
Time: 10 DAYS
Difficulty: 3/5
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11 Days Ararat Climbing with Nemrut and Süphan
11 days travel to the mountains Nemrut (2.938m), Süphan (4.058m) and Ararat (5.137m) on the high plateau of East Anatolia

Sightseeing of the monastery church on the island of Akdamar at Lake Van, which was built in the 10th century. Many myths and legends exist not only about Mount Ararat, but also about this church of the holy cross.

Ascent of mount Nemrut (2.935m)

Ascent of mount Süphan (4.058m)

Ascent of Ararat, (5.137 m), the highest mountain in Turkey. The ascent of this 5000m high mountain, technically graded as fairly easy, takes place along the only permitted route involving two camps.
Sightseeing of the İshak-Paşa-Palace, which was built high above a plateau at Dogubayazit in the 17th century. It controlled for centuries the caravan traffic of the Silk Route, which it overlooks.

Sightseeing of the hot water springs of Diyadin, which are compared, favourably with the springs of Pamukkale and which are a wonderful photo motif.

The historic centre of Van has an eventful history and was influenced by many cultures. We will show you the most beautiful sights of Van.

The hospitality of a Kurdish nomad family during a relaxing evening meal will add many unforgettable moments.


Price: 740 EUR
Group Size: 2-12
Time: 11 DAYS
Difficulty: 3/5

Mount Ararat - the only mountain over 5000 meters high in Turkey

Climbing / Trekking Mount Ararat is not difficult in summer. Although Mount Ararat is 5,137 meters above sea level, it does not present a difficult technical challenge for those who lead an active sports life, often hiking, running regularly, etc.
No special technical training is required to climb Mount Ararat. Good physical condition and the desire to climb the mountain will do just fine. There are no cracks or steep turns on the way to the summit. To successfully climb Mount Ararat, a good acclimatization and the company of a qualified guide are sufficient.
It is much more convenient if someone who was born and raised there organizes the ascent of Ararat for you. A very experienced team awaits you! You will see a completely different culture and way of life.
You will climb 5137 meters, believe it with us!
On the first day, in the course of the morning, an all-terrain minibus or the loading area of ​​a truck is used to drive to the starting point. After the small mud hut village of Eli, it goes up a slope as far as possible towards the base camp. The current state of the route determines the end point of the journey. The escort team and the Kurds with their pack animals are waiting there. Then you will climb about 1000 meters on foot to the base camp. The second day is used to encourage acclimatization by climbing very slowly to the high camp. Via a clearly visible path, you can easily reach a place in four hours where the tents are set up on some tiny platforms. After a longer rest, we return to the base camp.
On the third day, we climb up to the high camp a second time and spend the night. On the day of the summit, the start is still between three and four o'clock during the night. A striking ridge is reached over boulders, over which one climbs rather steeply and laboriously up to about 4900 meters to the beginning of the harmless, fairly flat summit glacier. The summit goal becomes visible and, depending on your ability, will be reached after an additional hour and a half and a total of five to six hours. Mountaineers in good physical condition can easily descend the almost 2000 meters in altitude to the base camp. On the fifth day, the descent to the piste and the return trip to Dogubayazit takes place.

Ararat Climbing
Altitude: 5,165 m
First ascent: 1829
Prominence: 3,611 m
Coordinates: 39° 42′ 7″ N, 44° 17′ 50″ E
Last eruption: July 1840
First climbers: Friedrich Parrot, Chatschatur Abowjan

Ararat Climbing Difficulty: Level 3 Moderate
These are climbing tours with hikes in easy terrain with some more demanding sections. On the daily stages, a maximum of 1,200 vertical meters are covered in up to 6 hours. Good physical condition is required.

What mountains are there in Turkey?
The highest mountains in Turkey

  • Mount Ararat

  • the Taurus Mountains

  • the Mount Erciyes

  • Palandöken

  • the Kaçkar Mountains

  • Uludag

  • Babadağ

What is the highest mountain in Turkey?

  • The mountain is also known as Great Ararat (Turkish: "Mountain of Pain") and is a dormant volcano in Eastern Anatolia near the border between Armenia and Iran. At 5,137 meters above sea level, it is the highest mountain in Turkey.

Where are the Ararat Mountains?

  • Ararat Big and Small Ararat from the east Altitude: 5137 m

  • Location: Ağrı Province (Turkey)

  • Mountains: Armenian highlands

Can you climb Mount Ararat?

  • The usual normal route leads from a base camp (between 2700 and 3200 meters depending on the season) via a high camp (between 3750 and 4200 meters depending on the season) to the summit. Most of the peaks are climbed during the summer season from early May to September. Climbing Ararat with TAF Travel Price per Person from 490 EUR