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Mount Ararat Climbing 2024 Price from 450 EUR

Climb to the dormant volcano - Mount Ararat

*climbing individually or in small groups

* Joining a group

Climbing Ararat reaches the summit in a minimum of 4 days and it is quite possible to reach the summit by making 2 camps. Anyone in good condition can easily reach the summit of Mount Ararat. The best weather conditions are in July, August and September.
The cost of climbing Mount Ararat varies between 450 Euros and 840 Euros per person.


Swift Ararat: 6-Day Expedition

Climbing Mount Ararat | 6 Days Itinerary

Climbing Mount Ararat in the summer months is not difficult. Despite its elevation of 5,137 meters above sea level, Mount Ararat is generally manageable for those who engage in regular activities such as hiking, jogging, and so on.

A 6-day ascent to the impressive summit of Mount Ararat offers a magical combination of nature and adventure. This exhilarating journey requires strong physical preparation and unwavering determination. The absence of challenging technical requirements makes it accessible to anyone daring to climb to this breathtaking altitude. Guided by professional mountaineers, this climb not only provides unforgettable scenery but also an opportunity to surpass yourself. When you reach the summit of Mount Ararat, this magnificent natural wonder will reward you, creating a lifelong memory of accomplishment. Starting Price for Ararat Climbing Tours 2024: 450 EUR


6 Days

Ideal for Budget-Conscious and Short Adventure Seekers

450 €

Difficulty: 3/5


7-Day Ararat Climb with Acclimatization

Climbing Mount Ararat | 7 Days Itinerary

Crown your journey to the majestic summit of Mount Ararat with a 7-day adventure. This climbing tour not only leads you to an exciting peak but also enriches your experience with an acclimatization day and a visit to Ishak Pasha Palace. Dedicate your second day on the mountain to acclimatization and preparation to adapt your body to the high altitude. Then embark on an unforgettable journey towards the summit of this magnificent mountain. However, you won't just explore the beauty of nature; you will also visit Ishak Pasha Palace, tracing the traces of history. This tour combines the best of nature and culture to offer an unforgettable experience.


7 Days

Ideal for Budget-Conscious and Short Adventure Seekers

590 €

Difficulty: 3/5


Ararat climbing with Süphan

10 Days: Climbing Ararat with Süphan Mountain

Take a step onto the impressive summit of Süphan Mountain and then reach the immense height of Mount Ararat - this 10-day climbing tour offers a dreamlike journey for nature and adventure enthusiasts. Spend your initial days on Süphan Mountain to prepare physically and enjoy the scenery. Then, as you progress toward the summit of Mount Ararat, you'll have the opportunity to acclimate to the high altitude. When you reach the summit of both mountains, this unforgettable experience will not only offer the peaks but also the captivating world of nature and mountains. This tour provides a unique opportunity for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.


10 Days

Ideal for Budget-Conscious and Short Adventure Seekers

730 €

Difficulty: 3/5


Ararat climbing with NEMRUT & SÜPHAN

11 Days: Climbing Ararat with Nemrut and Süphan

This 11-day tour offers a perfect blend of nature and culture. Starting from the breathtaking view of Nemrut Crater, the tour explores some of Anatolia's most impressive mountains, including Süphan Mountain. Then, by climbing to the summit of Mount Ararat, Turkey's highest peak, you'll savor the grandeur of this majestic peak. Along the road that connects these tremendous mountains, cultural trips await you. You'll savor local life in small villages and visit cultural sites hosting historical riches. This tour offers an unforgettable exploration for nature and culture enthusiasts, emphasizing the significance of Mount Ararat throughout the journey.


11 Days

Ideal for Budget-Conscious and Short Adventure Seekers

Difficulty: 3/5

840 €

Mount Ararat: Discover Turkey's Majestic 5000-Meter Peak

Mount Ararat, Turkey's remarkable summit surpassing 5000 meters, stands tall as a beacon of awe and adventure. As the sole mountain of its kind within the country's borders, Mount Ararat is a symbol of natural grandeur that beckons to explorers. With no specialized technical training required, embarking on its ascent requires a robust physical condition and an unwavering spirit. Devoid of treacherous crevices or steep turns, the path to the summit is accessible to those determined to conquer its heights.

Scaling New Heights: A Challenge Open to All

Unlike many challenging peaks, Mount Ararat doesn't demand advanced technical skills. Instead, a strong physique and an unwavering determination are key. The climb is defined by its absence of perilous features, making it feasible for those who dare to undertake the journey.

Guided by Expertise: Acclimatization and Local Guides

While not overly technical, ascending Mount Ararat successfully relies on proper acclimatization and the guidance of experienced mountaineers. The addition of local guides, deeply familiar with the terrain, enhances the experience by providing insights into the region's culture and history.

Embarking on the Journey: A Life-Changing Adventure

Standing atop its peak at 5137 meters is a profound achievement. The adventure commences with a morning transfer via an all-terrain vehicle or rugged truck, transporting you to the starting point. Passing through the picturesque village of Eli, the ascent to the base camp begins. The route's destination is shaped by current conditions, where a support team, local Kurdish guides, and their pack animals await. An approximately 1000-meter hike on foot leads to the base camp.

A Journey of Acclimatization and Achievement

The second day focuses on gradual acclimatization, involving a leisurely ascent to the high camp. Following well-marked trails, a four-hour hike culminates at platforms adorned with pitched tents. A well-deserved break follows before descending to the base camp.

The third day involves a return to the high camp, where the night is spent, further aiding acclimatization. Summit day begins in the early hours, between three and four in the morning. Navigating over boulders and surmounting a challenging ridge, the path leads to a steep ascent to around 4900 meters. Here, a serene summit glacier marks the beginning. As the summit comes into view, determination fuels the final stretch. An additional hour and a half of effort, totaling five to six hours, results in victory. Physically adept mountaineers can descend almost 2000 meters in altitude to the base camp with ease. The fifth day encompasses the descent to the slope and the return journey to Dogubayazit.

Mount Ararat: In-Depth Details and Historical Significance

  • Altitude: 5,165 meters

  • First Ascent: 1829

  • Prominence: 3,611 meters

  • Coordinates: 39° 42′ 7″ N, 44° 17′ 50″ E

  • Last Eruption: July 1840

  • First Climbers: Friedrich Parrot, Chatschatur Abowjan

Navigating Ararat's Terrain and Climbing Difficulty

Mount Ararat's conventional route involves a journey from a base camp (positioned between 2700 and 3200 meters, dependent on the season) to a high camp (positioned between 3750 and 4200 meters, dependent on the season), culminating at the summit. The summer months, from early May to September, provide the most favorable conditions for peak ascents.

Turkey's Diverse Mountain Landscape: Beyond Ararat

Turkey's diverse landscape showcases a range of mountain formations contributing to its captivating geography:

  • Mount Ararat

  • The Taurus Mountains

  • Mount Erciyes

  • Palandöken

  • The Kaçkar Mountains

  • Uludag

  • Babadağ

Climbing into History: Mount Ararat's Geographic and Cultural Significance

Known as "Great Ararat" or referred to as the "Mountain of Pain" in Turkish, this dormant volcano graces Eastern Anatolia, straddling the border between Armenia and Iran. Reaching a breathtaking 5,137 meters above sea level, Mount Ararat stands as a testament to Turkey's diverse geographical tapestry.

Embark on the Journey: Ararat's Path and Tours

Embarking on a Mount Ararat ascent is not merely a physical endeavor; it is an expedition into the realms of personal determination and natural beauty. This journey allows adventurers to redefine their limits, becoming pioneers of their own exploration. For those ready to take on this extraordinary challenge, TAF Travel Ararat Climbing Tours for 2024 offer an opportunity to embark on an unforgettable adventure starting at 490 EUR.

  • ? When is a good time to climb Ararat?
    Climbing Ararat takes a minimum of 4 days to reach the summit, and it is quite possible to reach the summit by making 2 camps. Anyone in good condition can easily climb to the top of Ararat mountain. The best weather conditions are in July, August and September.
  • ? How should one prepare for climbing?
    No special technical training is required to climb Mount Ararat. Good physical condition and the desire to climb the mountain will do just fine. There are no cracks or steep turns on the way to the summit. To successfully climb Mount Ararat, a good acclimatization and the company of a qualified guide are sufficient.
  • ? In how many days will I climb Ararat?
    Climbing Ararat takes a minimum of 4 days to reach the summit, and it is quite possible to reach the summit by making 2 camps. Hiking starting altitude: 2,200m. 1. camp altitude: 3,200m. 2. camp altitude: 4,200m. Summit height: 5,137m.
  • ?️ How cold is it on Ararat?
    It can get very cold on Mount Ararat. Temperatures vary between 5°C and -30°C, so it is definitely important to be well prepared.
  • ? How are the costs for the ascent made up?
    Climbing Ararat consists of the following elements: airport transfer, transport of the whole team from the hotel to the entrance of the national park and back, entrance to the park for you and the whole team that accompanies you, equipment rental, rescue fees, salaries, expenses for Food and drinks. TAF TRAVEL has Ararat teams that meet the highest standards and the quality of the tents and the rest of the equipment at TAF TRAVEL is of the highest level. Leave nothing to chance on the mountain.
  • ? What equipment should you bring?
    Please remember that all our tours go up into very high mountains and pack your equipment and clothes accordingly. The temperatures above 5000 m can drop down quickly to -10 degrees. The second camp on Mt. Ararat is already in an ice zone. Bag for your main luggage e.g. a touring back pack and a smaller day back pack ca.40l Sleeping bag (min. - 5 degrees) Bivouac sack (bivy bag) not essential in sommer Thermo mat (we now supply a 5cm foam mat, very comfortable!) Hiking boots (suitable for crampons) Crampons (can be borrowed for € 20.- but please notify us in advance) Sandals/trainers/sport shoes Gaiters Hiking sticks (important) Waterproof clothes - jacket and overtrousers Bathing suit Sun hat good sunglasses or glacier glasses (UV protection) Warm hat (fleece/wool), gloves (plus spares) Headlamp with spare batteries Passport or identity card
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