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Damavand Climbing / Besteigung

Damavand Climbing Tours 2024 Price from 950 EUR

Mt. Damavand Climbing the highest mountain in Persia

The Damavand - at 5,671 m the highest elevation of the Persian Alborz Mountains, not only Iran's highest mountain, but also the entire Middle East and next to the East African Kilimanjaro one of the highest free-standing mountains on earth. Climbing this "frosty mountain", as its Persian name translates, does not place any special demands on the hikers in terms of experience, technique or equipment. However, in order to be able to successfully climb the summit of the volcano, good acclimatization and very good physical condition are necessary.

Damavand: highest mountain in Iran and the entire Middle East
At the beginning you hike over the mountain slopes overgrown with herbs to the second camp. As you climb, flowers and thyme give way to boulders and lava rock. In the light of the first rays of sunshine you slowly climb up the mountain flank on the summit day. Your view extends far over the mountains and on a clear day to the Caspian Sea. Snowfields and volcanic rock now determine the surrounding scenery. Arrived at the edge of the crater, you can feel the sulfur in your nose for the first time: the summit is done, an overwhelming feeling! After the descent you can look forward to the unique family atmosphere in the camp below the majestic Damavand.

Cultural finale in ancient Persia
What would this trip to Iran's highest peak be without an immersion in Persian culture? Be curious about the paradisiacal gardens of Shiraz and Isfahan, probably the most beautiful city in the Orient. Kashan impresses with its clay dome buildings and the ruins of the old Persian residence city of Persepolis with its long history. You spend the night in small boutique hotels and can once again enjoy Iranian hospitality to the fullest.
The Damavand, 5671 m, is a real parade ski tour five-thousanders, with an even pyramid shape and “ideal slopes” for experienced ski tourers. From Tehran you drive briefly in the direction of northern Tehran out to the mountain Tochal 4470 meters on the mountain first night in the Schirpala hats with a dreamlike view of Tehran. to the nearby Dabarar Mountains, where you adapt to altitude on two four-thousand-meter peaks. Then change to the Demavand, 5671 m, and climb the highest mountain in Iran on the southern route from the Bergah Sevom Hut, 4010 m. If it doesn't work on the first day, there is a reserve day for the summit. Afterwards you can delve into the fascinating history and culture of Persia as deeply as you like, with sightseeing in Tehran and especially with the optional round trip, during which you visit the great cultural sites of Shiraz, Persepolis and Isfahan. So far, almost all participants in our ski tour groups have reached the summit.


with city-tour TEHERAN

7 Days Damavand and Capital city Teheran
Instead of taking the predominantly and heavily used southern route, we will take you to the summit via the north-east ridge. You spend the night in spacious 2-person tents. In particular, the location and the manageable size of the camp with space for a maximum of 20 people are advantages that allow you an exclusive stay with a unique atmosphere, relaxing peace and the best conditions for a summit success. Particular attention is paid to the protection of nature and the environment on the mountain - e.g. on saving resources and returning the generated waste back to the valley.


7 Days

Ideal for Budget-Conscious and Short Adventure Seekers

950 €

Difficulty: 3/5



10 Days Ski Tour Damavand and Capital city Teheran
Generally, the northern face route of Mountain Damavand has two routes (the eastern north route and northern route) is more difficult than western and southern routes of Damavand and we have not ever seen the foreign tourist who ascend the mountain Damavand from the northern route but we have ascent many times with foreign tourist to the Mountain Damavand from eastern north, totally, this route is colder, longer and of course in the 5450 m elevation the short part of path should have ascent from the snow that we should have more caution for passing this route. We refer to this note that mountain climbing route starts usually from the 2700 m elevation and it is foggy from the 4700 elevation and it is necessary to have GPS and finally, Mountain Damavand eastern north route distance of Mount Damavand to Tehran is much more than western and southern. Iran Horizon company in Damavand north east route, we only use our own special standard ECO camp because the shelter of this route is very smaller. The north east Damavand route like western face is also beautiful and attractive.


10 Days

Ideal for Budget-Conscious and Short Adventure Seekers

1350 €

Difficulty: 4/5

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