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9 Days Artos - Suphan - Ararat Ski

Ararat - at 5,165 meters it is the highest mountain in Turkey and at the same time the symbol of Anatolia. The white giant seems almost unreal, stretching freely out of the vast steppe into the sky. More than 1,000 vertical meters separate it from the second highest mountain in the country, which is why you can admire an incomparable panorama down to the depths of Iran and Kakasus from its summit. For experienced ski mountaineers and winter adventurers, this region offers almost countless opportunities for discovery and downhill runs of all levels of difficulty. The diversity of this region is particularly impressive, which, in addition to millennia-old and glacier-covered volcanoes, also has a colorful city life and unique culture and cuisine to offer in a small area. For the locals, Mount Ararat is of great biblical importance, as Noah is said to have run aground with his ark at its foot. By climbing a 3,000m and 4,000m peak in advance, we will acclimatize well on site and drive well prepared to Ararat. We often benefit from the short distances, which means that we almost always stay in the hotel after the ski tours and can recover well for the following days of skiing.


Level 3: Moderate
The ski tour trip to Mount Ararat requires independent and experienced ski tourers with experience. You are sure-footed, free from giddiness and independent even in steeper terrain. In terms of skiing technique, you master safe ascents, even with crampons in partly icy terrain, and can descend slopes of up to 35° safely and smoothly. On the Ararat itself you are able to cope with the up to 35° steep ascents and have experience in using crampons. For the ascent, you are in very good condition for walking times of up to 8 hours and 1,800 meters of ascent and 2,800 meters of descent with luggage.

  • Price: 820 EUR

  • Group size: 4-12 people

  • Travel time: 9 days

  • Overnight stay in tents: 3 nights

  • Hotel accommodation: 5 nights

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Tel: +90 543 858 5413

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Mountain Guide and CEO Firat
  1. Further dates on request, we will carry out your tour at your request at any time

  2. Our tours take place from two people


  • All overnight stays and meals according to the program

  • All transfers in Turkey according to the program

  • Approval for the ascent of Ararat

  • Entrance fees per person to the Ararat National Park

  • Licensed mountain guide in German or English

  • Full board on the mountain

  • Kurdish cook

  • Luggage transport on the mountain by horses to the camp

  • Two-person tent & sleeping mats 5cm (single tent for a surcharge)


  • all flights on request

  • meals not mentioned

  • alcoholic beverages

  • individual excursions and visits outside the program Personal expenses


13.04.2024 - 21.04.2024 

20.04.2024 - 28.04.2024 

28.04.2024 - 06.05.2024 

✅ * Guaranteed Dates

Tour Programm

1. Day: Flight via Istanbul to Van in Anatolia
Fly to Van, our destination in Eastern Anatolia. Already during the subsequent drive to the hotel in the city we can gather some impressions of this unique landscape and culture. The sight of the snow-covered mountain ranges in the vicinity also makes the skier's heart beat faster. In the hotel we let the evening end comfortably. (x-x-D)

2. Day: Cultural program around Lake Van
Today we take our time to experience the culture and landscape in all its diversity. We start by car in the direction of Gevas, a small town directly on Lake Van. Our destination, Akdamar Island, is now just a short boat ride away. From afar we can see the Armenian church from the Middle Ages, which is stately built in the middle of the island. The view from there of the surrounding, snow-covered mountains, the lake and the landscape is indescribably beautiful and resembles a postcard motif. We enjoy the panorama of the countless 3,000m peaks and can even marvel at Mount Süphan (4,058 m), one of our ski tour destinations for the coming days. Back in Van, a visit to the Van Castle is a must. The complex, built 3,000 years ago, has a long cultural history and provides fascinating insights into the development of this city. Located high up, we have another wonderful view of Turkey's largest lake and enjoy the sunset reflected in the water. Back at the hotel, we end the evening comfortably and prepare for the first day of skiing.(B-L-D)

3. Day: Introductory ski tour on Mt. Artos (3,537 m)
Finally we are off to our first ski touring destination in Eastern Anatolia, Mt. Artos directly on Lake Van. We drive back to Gevas by car and with a bit of luck we can start directly from the outskirts of town if the snow conditions are good. The ascent from an altitude of approx. 1,800 m takes about 4 to 5 hours. Once at the top, the effort is quickly forgotten, because the view of the high mountains of Eastern Anatolia and the wide Lake Van casts a spell on everyone. As a reward, there is a fantastic, classy firn descent via the ascent route, which has some nice variations to offer. Back in town we have the opportunity to visit one of the numerous cafés by the lake. Afterwards we drive back to the hotel, where we will be spoiled with a delicious dinner.(B-x-D)

4. Day: With skis on Mt. Süphan (4,058 m)
We leave early because today we want to climb the fourth highest mountain in Turkey. Just the idea of ​​climbing this more than 4,000 meter high volcano is unique. However, its last eruption was around 10,000 years ago, so we can start our tour with a good feeling. Our ascent starts from the village of Kisikli and runs along the east flank of the mountain. After a few hours of climbing up the snow-covered slopes, we reach our first intermediate destination, the shoulder of the mountain, at 3,750 m. Here we have the opportunity to rest, enjoy the view and gather strength for the last, steeper 300 meters of summit altitude. Once at the top, a unique mountain panorama opens up for us with dreamlike views. The ambience up there is simply unique! We congratulate each other on the successful 4,000er and get ready for the descent. We can fully enjoy this again over a length of almost 10 km down to the valley. At a maximum of 35°, this is not overwhelming and offers skiing pleasure down to the small village of Aydinlar. We will stay and eat at the hotel again.(B-x-D)

5. Day: From Van to the foot of Saint Ararat
After breakfast we start our approximately two-hour drive to the eastern corner of Turkey, to Dogubayazit. Here is the sacred Mt. Ararat - an extinct volcano that towers over 5,000 meters into the sky. This is also the youngest volcano in Turkey and was active until the end of the century before last. On the drive there we have the possibility to plan a stopover at the Muradiye waterfall. At this time of year it has a particularly large amount of water and is an impressive natural spectacle. Arrived at the hotel we can recover from the last two days of skiing and make preparations for our upcoming summit final.(B-L-D)

6. Day: Ascent to base camp
In the morning we drive into town together to present ourselves to the military and to complete the last routine checks. In about 45 minutes by car, our way leads via a dirt road to the small village of Eli at 2,200 m altitude, our starting point of the Ararat ascent. As soon as the horses are loaded, the tension increases, which is to be expected. However, there is not much time to think, because our next destination, the base camp, is still a 4-5 hour walk away. Depending on the snow and weather conditions, this varies between an altitude of 3,300 m and 3,600 m. When we arrive at our site, the tents are set up quickly and the food is cooked - a base camp feeling arises. In the light of the headlamps we enjoy the fascinating tranquility of this place with a cup of tea. What a privilege to stay at the highest mountain in Turkey! Early today we retire to our warm sleeping bags, because tomorrow it will be a long day - summit day!(B-L-D)

7. Day: To the crown of Ararat (5,165 m)
We get up at 3 a.m., still a bit sleepy and yet full of friends. The knowledge that the best hours on the summit of Mount Ararat are in the morning and that the view in the afternoon is often obscured by clouds, makes even the last bit of tiredness disappear quickly. So put on your clothes, strap on your skis and off you go. We start the day comfortably in the light of our lamps and make our tracks through the snow-covered slopes. As we climb, we feel the air getting thinner and adjust our pace accordingly. At 4,900 meters we reach the glacier and, depending on the snow conditions, decide whether we will climb to the summit on skis or on foot. At 9 a.m., i.e. after a six-hour climb, it is finally done - the highest peak in Turkey has been reached! When the weather is nice, we have an incomparable panorama that allows far-reaching views as far as Iran and the Caucasus! Especially in the morning hours, the view from Ararat is an unforgettable experience. Far below we see the patterned areas of the Anatolia plain and can already guess the long descent. The terrain is occasionally steep at a maximum of 35°, but mostly flatter and therefore perfect for the descent after a long climb. We trace our tracks over the picturesque slopes to the base camp, where we are already awaited with a second breakfast. After a break, we pack everything up and head back down to the valley where our tour started. In the hotel in Dogubayazit we let the evening end comfortably and review this unforgettable day again!(B-L-D)

8. Day: Reserve day for Ararat peak or cultural program
We have the 8th day as a reserve day for the summit ascent on Ararat. If this is not needed, it is also possible to spend the night again in the base camp on the 7th day and only descend to the settlement in the morning. In the afternoon we would still have time to visit the place where the legendary Noah's Ark is said to have stranded, or the İşak Paşa Palace above the city.(B-L-D)

9. Day: Return flight to Home

After breakfast we drive back to the airport in Van and from there we return home with a stopover in Istanbul. One or the other may already be making new plans. In any case, the experiences and impressions of our Anatolia trip will remain in our memories for a very long time.


(B-L-D) B=Breakfast L=Lunchpaket D=Dinner

Program changes: Despite careful preparation, program changes due to unforeseeable events can be expected on this trip. These can arise due to weather conditions or due to short-term changes as a result of legal regulations, political decisions or health problems of participants, etc. In any case, we will try to carry out the travel program within reasonable limits or, if not possible, to organize an equivalent replacement program.

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