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Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route 10 Days

Lemosho Route: Embarking on the journey to explore the unique beauty of Kilimanjaro, you step into the enchantment of the Lemosho route step by step. Initially, you trek through dense rainforests, where colossal trees envelop you in their shade, amidst the chirping of birds and the chatter of primates, embracing the rhythm of nature.

As you ascend, the landscape transforms, giving way to high-altitude meadows adorned with shrubs, grasses, and colorful flowers. With the cool breeze brushing your face, your eyes ascend towards the rising mountain peak.

Watching the sunset at the campgrounds, you are mesmerized by the vast panorama of Africa. As the sun fades, stars begin to twinkle in the sky, and beneath the impressive silhouette of Kilimanjaro, you engage in conversation around the campfire light throughout the night.

Ascending towards the summit, you are engulfed by the power and silence of the wilderness. Beyond the horizon, you leave behind all the chaos of the world, savoring the moment. Each step brings you closer to the summit, filling you with an inner strength and determination.

Finally, upon reaching Uhuru Peak, you reach the pinnacle of emotions. At Kilimanjaro's summit, at an elevation reached by only a few, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Before your eyes, a magnificent vista unfolds, and you are overwhelmed by the reality of standing at the summit of one of the world's highest freestanding peaks.

The Lemosho route of Kilimanjaro offers an experience beyond simply climbing a mountain peak. The enchantment of nature instills in you the power to explore your own limits and transcend your dreams. This journey fills you with unforgettable moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.


  • 8 days on the mountain with the best acclimatization

  • Longest route with magnificent views

  • Lava Tower ascent possible - for those who wish

  • Short safari possible afterwards


  • Price: 2.590 EUR

  • Group size: 6-12 people

  • Travel time: 10 days

  • Attention: Carrying drones on the mountain is strictly prohibited. There are explicit bag checks directly at the park entrance.

Your travel specialist:



Tel: +90 543 858 5413

You can communicate with WhatsApp 7/24

Mountain Guide and CEO Firat
  1. Further dates on request, we will carry out your tour at your request at any time

  2. Our tours take place from 6 people


  • Complete implementation from/to Kilimanjaro Airport by TAF TRAVEL

  • Meals as per itinerary (full board with 2 hot meals per day on the mountain, B&B in the mountain lodge)

  • All planned airport transfers in the destination country

  • All transfers, excursions, and sightseeing as per program

  • 8-day Kilimanjaro ascent via the Lemosho Route (descent via Mweka Route)

  • Boiled glacier water, black tea, coffee, cocoa, and powdered milk, toast, egg dishes, porridge, daily fresh fruit for breakfast

  • Freshly prepared hot lunch (except on Day 1) and daily freshly prepared 3-course dinner with fish, poultry, and meat (vegetarian meals available upon request, vegan not possible)

  • One bowl of warm water for washing in the morning and afternoon

  • Accommodation during the Kili ascent in modern 2-person tents for single occupancy and 3-person tents for double occupancy

  • All park and camp fees, mountain rescue fees via land route + emergency pharmacy

  • All guides, cooks, and porters and their fair payment (max. 14 kg of mountain luggage per person)

  • Complete kitchen equipment, dining tent, chairs, tables

  • Certified Tanzanian English-speaking mountain guide and additional assistant mountain guides as per group size

  • 2 nights in a shared double room with shower/WC at Moivaro Coffee Lodge with B&B, pool (or equivalent lodge)

  • Storage of unnecessary luggage at the lodge during the trek

  • Oxygen saturation meter

  • Insulating sleeping mat

  • Summit certificate with ceremony in the lodge garden

  • Security certificate according to German travel law

  • Rental equipment available, if ordered up to 4 weeks before departure


  • International flight (can be booked through TAF TRAVEL)

  • Tanzania visa (approximately $50 USD), to be pre-booked online

  • Travel insurance (can be booked through Meine Welt Reisen)

  • Missing meals, drinks / soft drinks, alcoholic beverages

  • Recommended tips (approximately $130 USD on the Kilimanjaro tour)

  • Individual extension programs, sightseeing, and excursions

  • Single room supplement, single tent supplement

  • Private tent toilet

  • Camping cot

  • Condition of evacuation by air Flying Doctors: We would like to inform you that emergency medical evacuation during the mountain ascent is only included as a service by land route. This can take up to 10 hours and may take too long. In addition, adverse conditions such as cold, heat, or precipitation may prevail.

  • In case of the necessity of emergency evacuation by air (by helicopter), significant costs will be incurred, which must also be paid by the patient on-site. If you wish to have insurance for emergency evacuation by air, this must be purchased separately. We recommend the AMREF "Flying Doctors" for travel in East Africa. Please inquire with us if interested.

Tour Programm

1. Day: "Karibu" means "Welcome" in Tanzania.
Your Tanzania journey begins with your arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport. After obtaining your visa and collecting your luggage, your driver will be waiting for you outside the airport building. From here, you'll travel by SUV for approximately 50 minutes to Moshi. The lovingly and freshly renovated lodge with a pool is beautifully situated at the foothills of Kilimanjaro, and with a bit of luck, you might catch a glimpse of it - the water bringer, as the Tanzanians call it. Due to the volcanic ash from historical eruptions, the entire region is situated at around 1000 meters above sea level, yet you won't even notice it. You'll check in and take some time to savor the African flair.

  • Accommodation: Moivaro Coffee Lodge

2. Day: Off to the Londorosi Gate - Starting via the Lemosho Route to the Mti Mkubwa Camp, 2780m

From your lodge in Moshi, you'll head to the Londorossi National Park Gate. Here, you'll register for the Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park. Once all the luggage is stored and divided, the tour can begin. The hike to the Mti Mkubwa Camp is an easy route. "Pole Pole" - you'll need to get used to the slow walking pace first. You'll ascend along a forest trail through the tropical rainforest with endemic flowers. You'll encounter colobus monkeys and tropical birds along the way. Once you arrive at the camp, you can enjoy the surroundings and dinner at a pleasant temperature. The initial excitement is usually gone by now.

  • Walking time: 3 - 4 hours, Distance: 7 Km, Elevation gain: 680m

  • Accommodation: Kili Tent Camp - Meals: B / L / D

3. Day: Through the moorland to the Shira I Camp

Today is already dedicated to the first acclimatization. After breakfast with porridge, fresh fruit, and toast, a short stage begins. However, it doesn't mean it's easy-going, as you'll need to overcome about 500 meters of elevation gain over steep and rocky terrain. Today, you'll also find your personal rhythm for walking. After about 2 hours, you'll leave the rainforest behind, and the landscape opens up. The path through the heath and moorland is lined with 2 to 3-meter-high Erica trees. Further along, you'll encounter the first Senecios. Don't be surprised if the team of porters casually overtakes you with their tents, giving you encouraging pats on the shoulder as they pass. After about 5 hours, you'll reach the Shira I Camp at 3,520 meters amidst the Shira Plateau. On clear weather days, you can see the north-western flank of Kilimanjaro. If there's still time, you can visit the Shira Caves.

  • Walking time: 5-6 hours, Distance: 7 km, Elevation gain: 850 meters

  • Accommodation:  Kili Tent Camp - Meals: B / L / D

4. Day: Change to the Shira II Camp, 3840m
Nestled in beautiful hilly landscape, your today's stage passes through the so-called Moorland. A long day lies ahead. As the paths become steeper, the vegetation flattens, giving way to heath and moorland scenery. After crossing the Shira Ridge at 3,600 meters, you'll reach the Shira I Camp around noon. After a rest, you'll continue steadily ascending, albeit gently, to the Shira II Camp, and if time permits, to the Shira Cathedral - for better acclimatization. The varied ups and downs make this stage particularly special. This area is characteristic of the Lemosho Route. The path leads across a plateau to the day's destination, the Shira II Camp at 3,840 meters. It's situated on a moorland meadow by a glacier stream. From today, your water source is pure glacier water. You'll be treated to magnificent views of the Kibo, Shira, and Mount Meru. Walking time approximately 8 hours, distance 16 km.

  • Accommodation:  Kili Tent Camp - Meals: B / L / D

5. Day: Glacier stream and Lava Tower to Barranco Camp, 3980m

You have already adapted well to the altitude, so let's continue. Today, you'll hike through a stone desert, the so-called "alpine desert," for about 4-5 hours, until you reach the Lava Tower on the southern flank of Kibo at approximately 4,590 meters. At the Lava Tower camp, you'll spend 2 hours for altitude acclimatization and lunch. At this altitude of 4,600 meters, it's a good indicator of how well you tolerate the height. If the weather is good and you feel strong, as experienced climbers, you can climb the Lava Tower during the lunch break. Afterwards, it's all downhill today, descending into the Barranco Valley, where the famous "Breakfast Wall" rises. Now, the Machame and Lemosho routes have merged. That's why the guides also call the Barranco Camp "Little City." Along the way, you'll pass mystical Lobelias and Senecios. These are impressive, centuries-old plants that capture the water they need from the passing clouds on the mountainside. The goal of today's stage is the Barranco Camp. For the first time, you'll see the overhanging Rebmann Glacier directly in front of you. The sunrise at the Barranco Camp is a special spectacle. Once the Barranco Wall is in the sun, you start climbing it. A little blocky climb is a welcome change from hiking. When you've passed the "kissing rock," you'll be right on top of the wall.


  • Walking time: 7 - 8 hours, Distance: 10 km

  • Accommodation:  Kili Tent Camp - Meals: B / L / D

6. Day: Over the "Breakfast Wall" into the stone desert to the Karanga Camp, 4035m

Today, you'll conquer the Barranco rock wall, also known as the "Breakfast Wall." The name comes from the fact that this passage is usually tackled right after breakfast. But don't worry, no mountaineering skills are required. No participant has ever failed here. A steep ascent leads over the rocky ridge to approximately 4,300m. To the left, you'll see the Western Breach flank, where Reinhold Messner prepared for Everest. The glacier is within reach. From the top, you'll have a breathtaking view of the immense dimensions of the Kibo crater. Take the famous cloud leap for your photo album. The path continues uphill and downhill in an easterly direction to the Karanga Camp.

  • Walking time: 4-5 hours, Distance: 6 km, Elevation gain: 680m​

  • Accommodation:  Kili Tent Camp - Meals: B / L / D


7. Day: Short distance from Karanga to Barafu Camp, 4650m

Die langen Etappen sind geschafft. Sie bleiben jetzt über 4.000 Höhenmeter, konstant geht es weiter hinauf. Von hier an führt der Pfad bergauf durch Geröllfelder bis zum Camp Barafu. Sie wandern heute nicht sehr lange, um nicht zu viel Höhe zu gewinnen und um Kraft für den Gipfel zu sammeln. Gänzlich in der alpinen Steinwüste angekommen, wird die Vegetation immer spärlicher, jedoch werden Sie mit grandiosen Ausblicken auf den Mawenzi und den Kibo entschädigt. Der Weg führt weiter stetig bergan durch eine zunehmend graue und steinige Landschaft. Die Schieferplatten klirren in verschiedenen Tonlagen unter ihren Bergstiefeln. Die letzte Übernachtung vor dem Uhuru Peak auf 5.895 m erfolgt im Barafu Camp. 

  • Gehzeit: 3 - 4h, Strecke 4 km, 620 hm

  • Accommodation:  Kili Tent Camp - Meals: B / L / D

8. Day: Summit push to Uhuru Peak, 5895m - Descending to Millennium Camp, 3850m

Today is the day! You'll be awakened shortly after midnight. The final stage to the summit of Kilimanjaro begins. The most challenging and fascinating day starts in the middle of the night. In the light of your headlamp, you'll follow the person in front of you. At this moment, you become one with the mountain. The trail leads over loose, steep scree slopes. A cold wind blows at this altitude. Eventually, you'll notice a faint red strip on the horizon. The sun rises, bathing the mountain in pink light. It's a sight you can hardly get enough of. With the sun comes your strength. Your conditioning pays off now as you pass Stella Point. The crater rim is reached. Luckily, it's not far to Uhuru Peak now: you savor every single step. After another hour on the flat crater rim, you've made it. Standing at the highest point in Africa, enjoying the magnificent view, all burdens are lifted from you. A feeling of pure happiness overwhelms you. After taking it all in, you begin the descent via the Mweka Route. The way to Barafu Hut takes only about half the time of the ascent. Now, the use of poles is indispensable. After a lunch break, you continue down to the Mweka Camp. You'll notice the air becoming richer in oxygen. Arriving at the Mweka Camp, all altitude symptoms have disappeared, and you sleep content and happy.

  • Walking time: 14-16 hours, Distance: 19 km; Ascent: 1250m and Descent: 2820m

  • Accommodation: Kili Tent Camp - Meals: B / L / D

9. Day: With summit success in your backpack, to the Mweka Gate, 1,640m

Die letzten Tage waren fordernd und Sie haben in der letzten Nacht sicherlich wunderbar geschlafen. Die angenehm warme frische Luft ist herrlich und weckt die Lebensgeister. Nach dem langen und anstrengenden gestrigen Gipfeltag erreichen Sie heute nach 3-4 Stunden wandern das Mweka Gate. Im Regenwald schauen Sie zurück zum glänzenden Gipfel und können kaum glauben, diesen gestern bezwungen zu haben. Nach dem Check-out am Mweka Gate verabschieden Sie sich von Ihrer herzlichen Bergmannschaft (Guide und Träger) und werden zurück zum Hotel gefahren. Nach einem Bier und der ersehnten Dusche (in dieser Reihenfolge) können Sie hier den Gipfelerfolg ausgiebig am Pool vom Hotel feiern. 

  • Gehzeit 4 h, Strecke im Regenwald 11km, 1.400 hm Abstieg​

  • Accommodation:  Kili Tent Camp - Meals: B / L / -

10. Day: Homeward journey or beach vacation in Zanzibar

The Kilimanjaro adventure has come to an end, and now it's time to bid farewell to the proud highest mountain in Africa, which often hides itself. According to your departure time, we have organized your shuttle, which will take you to Kilimanjaro Airport on time. Of course, you can also take the opportunity to reward yourself for your efforts and add a beach vacation in Zanzibar, Pemba, or Mafia according to your wishes. In this case, we will book you a domestic flight to Stone Town/Zanzibar, which can be reached in about 50 minutes of flight time, and you will stay in the resort of your choice. Most airlines offer direct flights from Zanzibar back to Europe. We are happy to advise you on this journey.​​

  • Meals: B / - / -

(B-L-D) B=Breakfast L=Lunchpaket D=Dinner


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